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Reported Individual: Martin Owen Clemmet, Spencer Friend, Ryan Hamilton

Martin Owen Clemmet, Spencer Friend, and Ryan Hamilton, along with their alleged production companies Arclight, Future Artist Entertainment, Joyrider Films, and potentially other names, have allegedly left their crew unpaid for months, according to accounts from crew members. The situation started with false promises, and eventually led to conflict with the main star of the project, resulting in the project allegedly collapsing. The individuals responsible allegedly ran away, claiming that none of the crew or suppliers they owe ever existed. Now, the crew members who worked hard on the project have been threatened with legal action if they pursue the wages they are owed.

Martin and Spencer have an alleged reputation for this kind of behavior going back 10-plus years, according to reports. However, their actions may have consequences this time, as evidence has been gathered by the crew members to support their claims and ensure they receive what they are owed. The individuals are described as “nasty people” that should be avoided, and it is suggested that they may try to crew up again for this or another project in the future. The person sharing the story expresses caution in revealing their details due to pending legal action and expresses disappointment in the lack of help from BECTU (a UK trade union for the entertainment industry) in this matter. The story serves as a warning to others to avoid working with these individuals and their associated production companies.

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