Thomas Maylott

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Several people have brought to the attention of others that there are individuals in the business who are allegedly creating fake profiles, posing as filmmakers or directors, and using false pretenses to lure innocent individuals into working for them. However, their true intention is to take advantage of women, either by allegedly not paying them or by making inappropriate sexual gestures. Soon, a post will be made to raise awareness in the industry about “knowing the signs” of such deceitful behavior.

In addition, there have allegedly been reports of unprofessional behavior from Thomas Maylott, who claims to work under the name of “Hammer Films”. However, there is no evidence of a legitimate company by that name, and it appears that Maylott is using the name for his own purposes. In 2017, Maylott approached someone to help him produce a film, but when asked for signed contracts and agreements with other individuals he claimed were involved, he vanished without a trace. It is advised to be cautious of Maylott and not hesitate to question any company or film that offers work associated with him.

Please note that this information is being shared to raise awareness and caution others in the industry.

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