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In a recent incident on an alleged BFI Midlands Funded project, a Script Supervisor had to pull out due to alleged mistreatment by the director, Parang Khezri. The individual shared their experience, stating that the director allegedly micromanaged every aspect of the project and did not understand the role of the Script Supervisor, leading to constant misunderstandings and conflicts. The work environment was described as toxic, with a condescending tone and terrible comments from the director when reviewing the Script Supervisor’s work.

The Script Supervisor had raised concerns about the continuity of a prop at one point and was allegedly accused by the director of trying to direct the film. Despite working with the most up-to-date version of the script as per the director’s last communication, the Script Supervisor faced accusations of not reading the script and was sworn in by the director. The director also made disrespectful comments about the Script Supervisor’s work and expressed indifference toward their availability due to their involvement in another project.

Furthermore, the director had also been dictating every shot to the Director of Photography (DoP) and scheduling, and reacting with anger and frustration when crew members asked for clarification. The Script Supervisor expressed that the director was highly controlling, prone to gaslighting crew members, and unable to manage their emotions in a professional manner.

In light of these experiences, the Script Supervisor strongly recommended that no crew member should work with the director, Parang Khezri, due to their toxic behavior and lack of professionalism. The individual also mentioned that they had reached out to the BFI (British Film Institute) and had a meeting with them, resulting in the BFI agreeing to pay their full fee and offering funds for coaching or counseling to address the interpersonal problems they faced on the project.

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