Robin Wood Pictures/Savoy Gregory

Categorized as Alleged Financial Scams

Reported individual: Demian Gregory/Demian Kusturiza

“Demian Kusturiza” and his affiliated companies such as Robin Wood Pictures and Savoy Gregory. Around 8 years ago, this individual was known to have crossed paths with some members of a certain group. While some were fortunate enough to have picked up on his scam early and avoided being personally affected, others, including his partner and various others, ended up being scammed out of tens of thousands of pounds.

It appears that “Demian Gregory” or “Demian Kusturiza” was involved in fraudulent activities, which led to financial losses for those who fell victim to his schemes. This serves as a warning to be cautious when dealing with individuals or companies that may have a history of financial scams, and to exercise due diligence in any business transactions to protect oneself and avoid falling prey to such scams.

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