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The victim had a distressing experience with alleged TSG Casting, a sister agency of Talent Status. She and her baby had shot a campaign four months ago after Shauna responded to an Instagram story from TSG Casting looking for a mum and baby for a job. She contacted them, sent her tape, and booked the job, completing it as agreed. However, after three months, Shauna noticed that TSG Casting’s websites and social media accounts were gone, and her emails were allegedly bouncing back. The contact numbers she had for TSG Casting were also not working, and Talent Status had allegedly vanished without a trace.

Shauna reached out to the production company and discovered that they had paid TSG Casting the day rate and travel expenses as agreed. Shauna had personally paid £100 for travel expenses with the understanding that she would be reimbursed. However, it allegedly appeared that TSG Casting had disappeared, leaving Shauna and potentially another talent unpaid and with no means of contact.

This experience left Shauna frustrated and disappointed, as she had placed her trust in TSG Casting and Talent Status for the job. She hopes that her story serves as a cautionary tale for others to exercise caution when working with casting agencies and to thoroughly research their reputation and reliability before proceeding to avoid similar situations.

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