$25,000 Whistleblower Fund

With unwavering support from our community, Film Industry Watch proudly announces the creation of a $25,000 Whistleblower Fund. This pivotal initiative is devoted to identifying and exposing corruption and misconduct in the film industry. Our aim is to cultivate an atmosphere of transparency and accountability, ensuring an equitable and principled environment for all industry members. We encourage anyone aware of criminal activities or misconduct to reach out to us confidentially. Rest assured, your identity will be protected. Reports leading to articles posted on this website, significant organizational changes or legal proceedings will be eligible for a financial reward for between $100 to $5000 for each report.

We hold a special focus on Film Festivals, Screenwriting Labs, various awards, and public Film Funds. It’s important to remind our readers that these entities are predominantly supported by public funding, which necessitates a standard of fairness and transparency in their operations.

To send an email anonymously, you’ll need to use methods that hide your identity and don’t link back to your personal information. One common approach is to use a secure, anonymous email service like ProtonMail or Tutanota, which prioritize privacy and don’t require personal information for account creation. Alternatively, you can create a new email account with a generic email service like Gmail or Yahoo, but make sure to use fictitious personal details during the sign-up process.

Stand with us in our quest for integrity in the film industry – your voice matters.