Film Industry Watch

Denormalizing Nepotism & Misconduct in the Film Industry

Film Industry Watch was set up to protect working members of the film industry from companies and individuals who have allegedly affected crew or cast either through non-payment, disregard for the health and safety of the crew, unsafe work environment, racism, sexual misconduct, corruption and conflict of interests, or any other issue or challenge. In particular, the website aims to collect information about companies that have been liquidated and restarted again under a different name and serial producers who have a track record of alleged misconduct or abuse, be it financial, or in any other. Reporting to our website is free and confidential to anyone working in film, TV or cinema. Help improve the film industry by reporting any misconduct – contact us now – even anonymously.

We encourage you to not work with complicit organizations and individuals. 

Please note that all reports are being made by 3rd parties but usually include screenshots or other corroborating information. If you believe you’ve been listed on our site without merit, please contact us.

With unwavering support from our community, Film Industry Watch proudly announces the creation of a $25,000 Whistleblower Fund. This pivotal initiative is devoted to identifying and exposing corruption and misconduct in the film industry. Our aim is to cultivate an atmosphere of transparency and accountability, ensuring an equitable and principled environment for all industry members. We encourage anyone aware of criminal activities or misconduct to reach out to us confidentially. Rest assured, your identity will be protected. Reports leading to articles posted on this website, significant organizational changes or legal proceedings will be eligible for a financial reward for between $100 to $5000 for each report.

We hold a special focus on Film Festivals, Screenwriting Labs, various awards, and public Film Funds. It’s important to remind our readers that these entities are predominantly supported by public funding, which necessitates a standard of fairness and transparency in their operations.

Stand with us in our quest for integrity in the film industry – your voice matters.

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The European film industry is grappling with serious concerns regarding transparency and fairness, particularly in the context of the industry being largely funded by the public, where transparency and fairness are expected.

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Get the latest news on the film industry’s most pressing issues, from unsafe work environments to financial misconduct, with Film Industry Watch.