$5000 Grant: Supporting Graduation Films in Post-Production with Anonymous Submissions.

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Film Industry Watch is thrilled to offer an annual Post Production Grant of $5,000 to support film students worldwide in completing their graduation projects. This grant is tailored to assist with post-production and related costs. For this grant, a ‘film school’ is defined as any professional program exceeding three months, ensuring inclusivity for those with limited resources. Unlike other film grants, funds, labs and programs, you do not need to “be someone” or “know someone” to be considered.

NEXT DEADLINE: JULY 31st, 2024 (We’ve postponed the deadline from May 1st to July 31st, to allow more people to apply)

Eligibility and Application Process:

  1. Open to film students globally working on their graduation films. Any three months film program or longer is eligible. Film school / program registration will be verified after a first round selection.
  2. Applicants must submit a rough cut or filmed material of their project via a password-protected link (e.g., Vimeo).
  3. Submissions must be completely anonymous.
  4. Submissions should include a logline, a half-page synopsis, a script, a CV, and a director’s statement explaining why they deserve the grant. You can also submit a link to previous work, as long as it is without credits and completely anonymous.
  5. In the CV, films already selected for festivals should not be named; use generic titles like ‘Project 1’, ‘Project 2’, etc., with their production or release year. If your application is not anonymous, it will be voided.
  6. Applications can be submitted in two ways: either sent from a free, anonymous email service (e.g., Pronto Mail) to contact@filmindustrywatch.org, or completed directly through the submission form available below on this page.
  7. We value the potential and quality of your script and the footage you have shot. Our goal is to support emerging talents and their unique perspectives in the film industry. Having previous works screened at festivals is not a requirement.

Selection Criteria:

  • Film Industry Watch appreciates all works of art but prefers to award the grant to films with political or social significance. We prioritize projects that tackle political or social issues, including but not limited to poverty, climate change, class struggles, gender equality (limited to developing countries and stories of lower social economic status), discrimination, mental health, refugee crises, and political corruption.
  • Open to original voices from all backgrounds, with the strength of the submitted material as the only consideration. Since the application is anonymous, your gender, race, social status, sexual orientation or any other arbitrary characteristic will be ignored.
  • Established filmmakers are not eligible.

Grant Terms & Conditions:

  • Film Industry Watch reserves the right to award the grant at its discretion.
  • The organization may award more than one grant per year.
  • The organization may not award the grant no suitable project is submitted.
  • If your project is selected, you will be asked to prepare a short video describing your project and how you are going to use the awarded grant, which Film Industry Watch may use on its website.
  • Film Industry Watch reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions, requirements, and other details listed on this page.

Application Form