Flickerfest Australia – Alleged Misconduct

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We received the following email, we’re posting it as is. Please note that this is a non verified claim and should be treated as such, but these are the type of stories that we often hear about, from all over the world:

“I was meant to be starting a role as Entries Coordinator on Flickerfest, which is an Academy Qualifying short film festival in Australia. The Festival Director completely ignored our labour laws, and wanted me to agree to the following in an unlawful employment contract:

  • Work for less than minimum wage without loading
  • Be considered a casual employee but provide 4 weeks notice 

She also wanted me to:

  • Be available all of the time with no set schedule or work days
  • Travel to across multiple regions and cities, without appropriate notice, payment for travel time and appropriate accomodations for my disability

On my first day, she changed the date and then the city, meaning I had to cancel flights at my own expense, drive to a regional town despite not having a car, and then work in a dusty, unkempt environment on a broken laptop. 

I was asked to do an additional ~100 hours of unpaid work viewing international and documentary submissions. I learnt that all submissions to the festival are reviewed by unpaid workers, then she single handlely makes the decision of what films are entered into the festival. I understand that it’s her festival, but the unpaid work for dozens of people is unconscionable. 

Because she would not advise when I was working, I was unable to make any other work plans and therefore could not make a living wage with the festival. It was also extremely stressful not to know where I was working and when. As such, I declined the job offer. The position was likely filled by someone who is more desperate to get into the industry and willing to accept less than the legal wage.

Thank you for your time.”

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