About Film Industry Watch

Film Industry Watch is a community based journalistic and academic effort aiming to protect working members of the film industry from companies and individuals who have allegedly affected crew or cast either through non-payment, disregard for the health and safety of the crew, unsafe work environment, racism, sexual misconductconflict of interests, or any other issue or challenge. In particular, we aim to collect information about companies that have been liquidated and restarted again under a different name and serial producers who have a track record of alleged misconduct or abuse, be it financial, or in any other.

Our organization is also dedicated to unveiling the true decision-making processes and power dynamics within the film industry. Our goal is to democratize access and provide talented, emerging young filmmakers with the opportunities they rightfully deserve to succeed in the industry.

Each article on our website is meticulously sourced, drawing from a diverse array of verifiable information. We pride ourselves on presenting facts backed by screenshots, links to reputable websites, newspaper articles, and IMDB credits. This rigorous approach ensures our content’s integrity, reflecting our dedication to truth and transparency.

As working film professionals, we choose to keep the focus on the information we share rather than on ourselves. Our anonymity allows us to freely present unbiased, factual content without any personal or professional biases influencing our work.

We are deeply grateful for the engagement and trust of our readers. Your contributions and feedback are invaluable to us, helping to foster a vibrant community of film enthusiasts and industry insiders. Should you have any questions or wish to contribute to our growing repository of film industry knowledge, please do not hesitate to reach out.