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In the story, a person warns others not to use Andrew Smith’s alleged company. According to their account, Smith allegedly recruits people but doesn’t pay them for their work. The person claims that Smith still owes them £3500 for work that they have done and that they have taken him to small claims court. They further state that Smith has a history of alleged similar behavior, having done this to others before.

In an update on November 15, 2022, the person reports that they have successfully taken Smith to court and obtained a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against him. However, they state that Smith has yet to make any payment, and they have learned that he has three other CCJs against him, one for £11,000 and two for £1,000 or more. The person believes that Smith is allegedly scamming people and wonders if it’s worth pursuing further legal action. They are open to receiving advice on the matter.

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