ISRAEL: Continuous Gender Bias at the Jerusalem Film Lab headed by Dana Blankstein and Mor Eldar

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We’ve already reported about the statistically significant gender bias at The Jerusalem Film Lab here. It has come to our attention that the lab continues to bias on the basis of gender as seen in the picture below, taken at Series Mania Forum, showcasing the Sam Spiegel Series Lab class of 2024. With the exception of a few token male Producers, it seems that all the participants are women (?) which raises the question – does “equality” simply means “no men are allowed”?

Film Industry Watch champions unequivocal equality of opportunity within the film industry and society at large. We assert that every individual deserves equal treatment, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. We urge filmmakers globally to report any discrimination, targeting any individual based on gender, race, or any other distinction.

Additionally, we encourage organizations aiming to support specific groups to clearly state their policies and intentions, rather than suggesting impartiality where bias exists.


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