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A cautionary tale involves an Art Director who recently worked with Stormlight Media on a shoot for a couple of short promo videos. During the shoot, a small amount of paint allegedly came off the wall of one of the sets. After the shoot, the production company became allegedly aggressive towards the Art Director, insisting that if they couldn’t recoup the cost of repainting the wall from the budget, it would come out of the Art Director’s fee.

The Art Director allegedly politely pushed back, explaining that it was uncommon for crew members to be personally charged for damages, especially considering the small amount of £100, which was only an eighth of their total fee. However, Stormlight Media was allegedly rude and gaslighted the Art Director, claiming they had already gone out of their way to accommodate them.

Despite being able to cover the cost with the art department budget, the Art Director was unhappy with the way Stormlight Media handled the situation. They have yet to receive a satisfactory response from the production company and are still waiting to be paid for their work. This serves as a cautionary reminder to be wary of how production companies handle damages and fees, and to ensure that clear communication and fair treatment are prioritized in any work agreement.

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