Venice, Locarno programmers, Varicoloured distribution company possible conflict of interest

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Carla Vulpiani, a programmer specializing in short films at the Venice Film Festival, and Enrico Vannucci, holding a similar role at the Locarno Film Festival, are both involved in running VariColoured, a company that promotes and sells short films. These two festivals are among the oldest and most prestigious in the world, having been established in 1932 and 1946, respectively.

The potential conflict of interest arises from the fact that, over recent years, several films represented by VariColoured have been selected to premiere at these festivals. Below is a list of eight films represented by the company, which premiered at one of these festivals. This situation raises concerns because Vulpiani and Vannucci, in their roles as festival programmers, are in a position to influence the selection of films at these festivals and have potential for financial gain from these selections.

  • IN QUANTO A NOI – Premiered at Venice 2022
  • FALL OF THE IBIS KING – Premiered at Venice 2021
  • MIEGAMASIS RAJONAS – Premiered at Venice 2020
  • EYES ON THE ROAD – Premiered at Venice 2019
  • FIEBRE AUSTRAL – Premiered at Venice 2019
  • KAUKAZAS – Premiered at Locarno 2018
  • PIRITIS – Premiered at Venice 2017

Other films that the company represents premiered at major festivals, where we can assume Vulpiani and Vannucci have acquaintances. Their dual roles as both festival selectors and operators of a film representation and sales agency create a situation where their personal or business interests could improperly influence the decision-making process at these renowned festivals. This overlap of interests may compromise the perceived fairness and integrity of the film selection process, as it suggests that films associated with their company might receive preferential treatment. Nothing illegal – just unethical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that this article is not meant to be an ad hominem attack on any specific person. The individuals mentioned and their positions in various organizations are used as examples for the way that the film industry operates. The positions, roles and professional relationship between individuals are public information. Sources are provided throughout the website. If you would like to report any inaccuracy please do not hesitate to contact usOur aim is to improve and democratize the film industry by analyzing the way its institutions are set-up. In order to do so, we must list those organizations and the people who work for them or with them, and their relationship with each other. Also, to be clear, there are certainly much bigger fish in the swamp than the individuals listed below but we publish information which is available to us and which was brough to our attention. If you can disclose further information about other individuals or organizations, please contact us.

SOURCES: at Venice 2022 at Venice 2021 at Venice 2020 at Venice 2019 at Venice 2019 at Venice 2017 at Locarno 2018 – “Since then the company has created and produced over 10 short films, including Laurynas Bareisa’s shorts Dummy (Berlinale Shorts 2020) Kaukazas (Locarno 2018) and By the pool (Venice; Best Short Film at Lithuanian Film Awards 2017) as well as Vytautas Katkus’ short film Places (Venice, Orizzonti 2020).”

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