Defected and The Remedy Project

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A director allegedly warns others to be cautious when dealing with Defected (music label) and their daughter label The Remedy Project. She allegedly directed a music video for them on a low budget and tight deadline but was then allegedly ghosted during the post-production process for a week. She was blamed for the delay in finishing the video, while being expected to work on the project for almost three weeks longer than originally agreed, with no additional payment. She describes it as one of the most disrespectful experiences she has had to deal with in production. Furthermore, she had to chase her invoice multiple times, and when late fees were added, Defected refused to pay them. She also had a similar issue with BMG in December of the previous year, where she had to chase an overdue invoice worth almost £3k for weeks before eventually getting paid. She advises others to watch out for these companies. 

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