Mohan Nadaar

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Mohan Nadaar is an individual who has an alleged reputation for unreliable and dishonest behavior. He has allegedly recently left the country, leaving behind unpaid bills, including those owed to Ian Clarke, the crew, and various locations. Mohan had invoiced a newly incorporated company called Roth Productions, and legal proceedings have been initiated against it. However, it’s suspected that the outcome may not be favorable due to Mohan’s history of alleged dubious dealings. It is advised to avoid getting involved with Mohan Nadaar. He had been associated with a company called SquareElephant, operated by a person named Parag, who may no longer want to be associated with Mohan after this incident. A case is being opened with the local branch of BECTU, and Screen Facilities Scotland and Creative Scotland will also be informed. Mohan Nadaar is known to be at the top of the blacklist.

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