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Based in Bicester, the person in question, a freelancer, had provided services to a production company called Ralle/Moov and had issued an invoice with a payment due date of February 25th, 2022. However, the payment was allegedly not received on time, and despite several attempts to chase payment, the freelancer had allegedly not received the full amount even by March 25th, 2022.

Frustrated with the delay, the freelancer reached out to Ralle/Moov to inquire about the payment issue. Ralle/Moov had allegedly informed the freelancer that they were experiencing cash flow issues and would be paying the outstanding amount in three installments. The first two installments had been received, but the final installment was due on Monday, and so far, no further action had been taken to pay the remaining balance in full.

The freelancer had also spoken to the production company that had hired Ralle/Moov for the job and confirmed that they had paid all suppliers in full, as per their word. This led the freelancer to trust the production company’s statement. However, upon further investigation, the freelancer found out that other crew members who were also employed by Ralle/Moov had not been paid either, as per their last check a few weeks ago. This raised concerns about Ralle/Moov’s financial situation and their ability to fulfill their payment commitments.

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