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There is someone who is allegedly seeking information about a producer named Chrystal Rose. This person, who works as a First Assistant Director (1st AD) in the film industry, had an alleged experience with Chrystal Rose while working on a feature film called “Faking Fabulous” in April 2021. Initially, Chrystal Rose allegedly hired them to re-do the film’s schedule and officially booked them as the 1st AD through their diary service. However, Chrystal Rose allegedly made several schedule changes even before the official prep started and then suddenly canceled the person’s services just a week before the official starting date in mid-August 2021. The reason given for the cancellation was that the person and their agent had asked for a contract.

As a result of this last-minute cancellation, the person had been booked for four months and had turned down other work offers, as they were committed to Chrystal Rose’s project, which promised to pay BECTU rates. When the person and their agent asked for payment for the amendments made to the schedule and compensation for the financial and professional loss caused by the sudden cancellation, Chrystal Rose started insulting the person’s professional abilities and refused to pay anything, despite having praised their work earlier.

Now, the person is considering taking legal action against Chrystal Rose, as they believe that she is a dangerous individual who has caused them significant financial and professional damage. They suspect that Chrystal Rose may have a history of such behavior and may continue to do so in the future if not stopped. The person is reaching out for anyone with relevant information to share, either by commenting or sending them a direct message, to support their case.

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