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A company called Picture Farms has been allegedly refusing to pay most of their crew, citing that their client, PG Tips, has not paid them yet. The content filmed back in September has already been posted on various social media platforms. The accountant of the company, Liam, has been allegedly difficult to deal with, often ignoring emails, claiming to be on holiday, or instructing the person in charge to announce calls as if he wasn’t at the office. The allegation of PG Tips not paying Picture Farms seems suspicious to some.

One crew member, who had been threatened with a court claim, finally managed to receive partial payment. However, during a screening, they met with other crew members who confirmed that none of them had been paid yet. This situation is incredibly upsetting to them. While they understand that clients can be difficult, they believe that starting a project without ensuring enough funds to pay the crew and others is unacceptable.

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