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Reported individual:  Karim Prince Tshibangu / Alsan Parvez

There is an alleged warning about Castle Valley Films / Golden Crab Productions, owned by Karim Prince Tshibangu and Alsan Parvez, based in Pinewood. They are currently working on a film called Shepherd and have been allegedly ignoring all crew members who are owed money, totaling around 50 people. This issue has been reported to BECTU and Equity, but the production company has been allegedly unresponsive, despite some invoices being almost 60 days old.

Some crew members have been told that the production company is still awaiting certain invoices, and they intend to pay all invoices at once. However, it is not fair for late invoices to affect the payment of 50 people who are already owed money. It allegedly appears that Castle Valley Films / Golden Crab Productions may be attempting to avoid paying their crew members, and caution is advised for anyone considering working with them.

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