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Reported individuals: Martin Grof

If you are approached by Grofilm or Martin Grof, be wary of potential non-payment for services rendered. One individual reported not being paid for their work as a Production Designer on a low-budget sci-fi feature film, despite doing prep work for the project for several weeks. After the director and producer began to send allegedly rude and controlling messages, the Production Manager encouraged the individual to continue with the project. 

However, when the individual sent their invoice for the agreed-upon amount of £1000, the director and producer attempted to renegotiate and only allegedly offered to pay £350. After allegedly blocking the individual on WhatsApp, it is believed that the director and producer has no intention of paying the individual or other members of the Art Department who worked on the project. The previous Production Designer and Assistant Director reportedly left the project due to the same conduct. If you are approached by Grofilm or Martin Grof, be cautious and take steps to ensure that you are paid for your work.

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