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Reported individual: Evelyn Olamere Obahor

Evelyn Olamere Obahor, a filmmaker, allegedly approached the person in question to help recruit for her new series called CHANNEL 52 after her DOP, Sound operator, and director dropped out. Desperate for some money before going back to school, the person in question agreed to help Evelyn. However, they soon discovered that Evelyn’s company, FLOODLIGHT BROADCASTING NETWORK, had been allegedly liquidated and declared bankrupt over two years ago.

Despite the financial concerns, the person in question proceeded with the project. However, on the shoot day, they realized that nothing was organized, with no catering, unit base, or coffee table. Moreover, Evelyn had allegedly rented out equipment worth over £3000 per day, promising to reimburse the rental costs, but failed to do so. The entire crew, including the person in question, was not paid, and their repeated follow-ups were met with excuses and promises of payment.

Evelyn allegedly claimed that her investor had pulled out and stopped responding to her calls. She kept changing her story and failed to provide a clear explanation. She even continued to promise actors that shooting would happen, despite owing money to over 20 people. The crew members were left in the dark, and Evelyn asked them to return “updated contracts,” further raising suspicions about her intentions.

Meanwhile, Evelyn continued to post on social media as if nothing was wrong, which frustrated the crew and tarnished her reputation as a producer. The person in question realized that they had been taken advantage of and learned a valuable lesson about being cautious with seemingly lucrative opportunities that sound too good to be true.

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