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The story begins with the person in question, a fight choreographer, who was allegedly recommended for a job on a two-part drama by a trusted actor friend. Despite not checking the production team’s credentials thoroughly, the person in question took the job as they believed the recommendation was reliable.

As filming commenced, the person in question allegedly noticed some unprofessional practices on set that they, as a filmmaker themselves, would never do. However, they continued to work diligently, believing that the show must go on.

After completing their work on set, the person in question faced issues with getting paid for their services. One of the directors/producers, Deren Stevens, who was one of the two people in charge of the production, ignored their attempts to contact him regarding their invoice. They were allegedly ignored, lied to, and made to wait.

Frustrated, the person in question then reached out to the other partner in charge, who allegedly eventually paid them for their work in a respectful manner. However, upon conducting further research, the person in question discovered that Deren Stevens had a media company that was supposed to be dissolved years ago, and he was possibly avoiding taxes by running an unregistered company. Moreover, the person in question found that Deren Stevens had no job title or official role with the production company they worked for, and he had signed contracts that were void as his name was not part of the company at the time of their contract being signed.

The person in question reflects that they are glad they had the opportunity to check out Deren Stevens and highlight the importance of conducting thorough research in the entertainment business. They urge others to verify websites, links, and registration details with the company’s house to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

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