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Reported individual: Mark Thomas

A filmmaker whose film was distributed by Mark Thomas of Ballpark Films in the UK, allegedly based in Sheffield, had a negative experience with the distributor. In 2013, the distributor had promised to distribute the film, sell DVDs, and license it to TV, but the he allegedly never received any sales reports or payments. Instead, they only received rude emails from the distributor.

the filmmaker fortunately, was able to regain the rights to their film and has allegedly decided to release it with a new distribution company. However, they caution others to avoid dealing with Mark Thomas and Ballpark Films due to their unprofessional behavior and failure to provide proper sales reports and payments.

The filmmaker felt frustrated and disappointed by the lack of transparency and professionalism displayed by the distributor. They urge other filmmakers to be cautious when entering into distribution agreements and to thoroughly research and vet potential distributors to avoid falling victim to financial scams in the entertainment industry. The filmmaker is determined to move forward with a new distribution company and ensure that their film is properly promoted and monetized.

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