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Reported individual: Jay Alpha / J Alpha Productions / Alpha Red

Jay Alpha, also known as J Alpha Productions or Alpha Red, is allegedly under scrutiny by talent agents for potential scam or hoax activities. One client of mine allegedly applied for a job with them after seeing an Instagram post before signing with me as their talent agent. Since then, we have noticed several red flags in their dealings with my client:

  • The role offered to my client was initially “Elijah”, but with no notice, it was changed to “Witch”, and then to “Jack” in email communication. My client did not audition for any of these roles.
  • My client has not met any of the crew or production team, despite being offered a role.
  • He was told he should have received emails, but hasn’t received any information about the production.
  • The contract provided had no day rate, only an episodic rate.
  • The production was initially presented as a film but was later claimed to be a TV series.
  • There is no address or contact information on the contract.
  • There are no contracted or production dates specified, and it doesn’t mention the year it started, only assumed to be 2022.
  • There is no mention of travel costs, daily fees for ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement), photography, etc. being paid.
  • There is no mention of work permit costs being covered by the production.
  • There is no mention of merchandise, royalties, etc.
  • The TV series is allegedly claimed to be called “Alpha Red” and directed by David Von Ancken, known for directing Vampire Diaries. However, I have contacted David Von Ancken’s agent who confirmed he is not directing this series.

These discrepancies and misleading information raise suspicions about Jay Alpha, J Alpha Productions, or Alpha Red and their credibility. Talent agents and actors need to be cautious and thoroughly investigate any job opportunities offered by them.

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