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The person in question, a crew member in the entertainment industry, had allegedly experienced a situation where a Production Coordinator (referred to as MS) offered increased pay for an additional shoot time. However, the Line Producer (referred to as AV) allegedly denied approving the increased pay, even though the person in question had an email from the Line Producer confirming the agreement.

To add to the issue, the Line Producer apparently allegedly decided to cut everyone’s pay because the shoot wrapped earlier than expected, and the agreed-upon rate of $150/12 (which was already $50 less than the minimum wage for NYC Production Assistants) was not being respected.

The person in question was frustrated and felt that their rights as crew members were being violated. They had worked the additional shoot time based on the confirmation from the Production Coordinator and the Line Producer’s email. The unexpected cut in pay and failure to honor the agreed-upon rate added to their grievances.

The person in question was determined to seek a resolution for the alleged non-payment issue and the breach of the agreement. They planned to take appropriate steps, such as consulting with a union or seeking legal advice, to ensure that their rights and fair compensation were respected. They also wanted to raise awareness about such practices in the entertainment industry and encourage others to stand up for their rights and fair treatment in the workplace.

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