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During the pre-production phase of an indie film called “Genlock Films,” the director and crew were excitedly preparing for the upcoming shoot. The cast and crew had allegedly been promised contracts with investors for the film’s funding, and everyone’s calendars were booked for the shoot, which was just two weeks away.

However, as the shooting date approached, the director discovered that there were no signed contracts with investors, despite what had been allegedly promised. Shocked and disappointed, the director pulled out of the project, and many of the crew members followed suit, realizing that the film’s funding was not secure.

Months passed, and some crew members, including the storyteller, had still not been paid for their work in the pre-production phase of the film. The production company, Genlock Films Limited, located at Rays House, North Circular Road, NW10 7XP, had failed to fulfill their financial obligations to the crew, leaving them out of pocket and feeling deceived.

The situation was frustrating and disheartening, as the crew had invested their time and efforts into the project based on the assurance of signed contracts with investors. It was allegedly a clear case of cast and crew non-payment, where promises were made but not fulfilled, resulting in financial hardship and wasted time for those involved.

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