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Reported individual:  Neil Garrett

Neil Garrett, the Executive Producer at OMG Media, was confronted by Bea about the delay in payment for her invoice after 40 days. Bea was surprised and frustrated by the delay and allegedly asked Neil for an explanation. In response, Neil showed a lack of professionalism, stating, “Bea, we actually have 60 days to pay you. So I suggest you back off or I will ensure you don’t get paid until every one of those 60 days is up.” Bea was taken aback by Neil’s harsh response and was disappointed with his unprofessional behavior.

But that wasn’t the only issue Bea had with Neil. On the shoot day, Neil allegedly disappeared for six hours, leaving the crew without any production support, water, snacks, or anything else they needed. The absence was later revealed to be due to Neil attending his kids’ football game. Bea found Neil’s behavior to be unprofessional and irresponsible, leaving the crew in a difficult situation during the shoot.

Bea’s experience with Neil and OMG Media left her dissatisfied with their lack of professionalism and alleged failure to pay invoices on time. She warns others to avoid working with OMG Media if they value timely payments and professional behavior in their business partners.

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