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A cautionary tale about the INJKT Social Group has allegedly been circulating among a group of individuals who have had unpleasant experiences with the company. One person, who worked for them for about 2.5 weeks in November, shared their story. On their first day of work, they were dismissed without any reasonable explanation. To make matters worse, they have allegedly yet to receive signed/approved time sheets from the company, and their Net90 Agreement has left them and others uncertain about whether they will be paid for their work.

The affected individuals allegedly reported the issue to the university where they found the job posting, and the company’s profile has since been taken down. Despite the initially attractive pay offered by INJKT Social Group, the individual advises others to avoid working for them to avoid similar troubles. According to an update, as their invoices were approaching their due dates, they received an email from the company imposing fines for late deliveries and unfinished shows. The individual finds these fines inexplicable and outrageous, as they now apparently owe around £1,000,000, with due dates varying for different individuals, including their own, which is due in just three days. The situation has left them questioning the company’s credibility and sanity.

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