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Reported individual: Mark Busby

The person in question, an individual who had alleged dealings with a company called Film Volt, and a person named Mark Busby, were experiencing intense moments due to their recent interactions with this organization. They found that Film Volt and Mark Busby had allegedly breached significant agreements and that these agreements were made in the name of nonexistent companies.

The person in question had encountered issues with contracts and realized that Film Volt and Mark Busby had allegedly misled them by claiming to represent companies that did not actually exist. This raised concerns about the legitimacy and credibility of Film Volt and Mark Busby’s operations.

Feeling frustrated and misled, the person in question sought to share their experience and warned others about their dealings with Film Volt and Mark Busby. They hoped to raise awareness about the lack of proper contracts and non-payment issues in the entertainment industry and encourage others to be cautious when dealing with similar organizations. The person in question was determined to take appropriate action to address the breaches in agreements and seek a resolution for the situation they were facing.

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