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Reported individual: Don Borza

In the world of filmmaking, there are unfortunately some individuals who engage in unprofessional and unethical behavior, leaving a trail of dissatisfaction and financial loss in their wake. One such individual is Don Borza, who allegedly claims to be a “producer” and operates under the company name Milwaukee Junction in Detroit, occasionally shooting industrial and low-budget commercials in Los Angeles.

It has been nearly three years since Don Borza allegedly stiffed a significant portion of the crew on the feature film “Devil’s Junction: Handy Dandy’s Revenge”. As the director-for-hire, the individual sharing this story had their own experience with Don Borza, who not only failed to pay them 60% of their fee but also lied and cut them out of the post-production process, including color grading. The film’s cinematographer, who was supposedly a friend, was also paid an even smaller percentage of their fee.

To make matters worse, Don Borza allegedly took it upon himself to shoot new footage for the film after the director and cinematographer had flown back to Los Angeles. This footage included inane scenes with a killer clown and medieval knights, which had no relevance to the story and were haphazardly inserted into the film, effectively ruining what could have been an above-average small horror film.

Don Borza’s unprofessional behavior, dishonesty, and lack of respect for the creative process and the crew involved in the film project are concerning. Filmmakers and crew members are urged to be cautious and do thorough research before working with individuals or companies like Don Borza and Milwaukee Junction to protect themselves from potential financial losses and disappointment in their projects.

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