Former Head of the Israeli Film Fund Allegedly Awarded Funding to a Project Directed by his Wife’s Business Partner

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Thanks to our readers contribution we have came to know that Katriel Schory, who established the Israeli Film Fund and served as its CEO for almost 30 years, allegedly approved production funding for a film related to his wife Naomi Schory as one of the last films approved for funding in his tenure. The film, ‘The Last Cinema Show in Bucharest’, was written and directed by producer Lodi Boken, Naomi’s business partner. At the time this information was allegedly kept ‘off the books’, meaning the title of the film was not listed in the films that the fund supported. The film was approved for production in 2018 and was released in 2021. The film was funded with 1,000,000 NIS, worth 253,000 Euro in todays value.

The chart below is taken from the company registration records in Israel. On the left is the original, on right an automatic translation. It lists Lodi Boken as 51% owner in ‘Balshir International LTD’, with the other 49% of the stocks being owned by Naomi Schory, Kathriel Schory’s wife. The information below connects the three – Katriel Schory, Naomi Schory and Lodi Boken, as business partners.

The table below, also taken from the company registration records in Israel, lists Kathriel Schory as CEO and Naomi Schory as a manager at Balshir International LTD. The screenshots above and below connect the three as business partners and owners.

An automatic translation of the relevant part. Due to the quality of the screenshot, the translation isn’t perfect. We’ve been told that Schory’s means black, which is why the translated name says Kathard Black. The original reads Kathriel Schory.

The following is the film’s poster, listing the Israeli Film Fund as the financier of the film.

The following is a recent screenshot from the Israeli Film Fund website, listing the film with the 1,000,000 NIS awarded for the production of the film.

The following is a screenshot from the Israeli Film Fund website, listing a film from 1987 in which both Katriel Schory and Lodi Boken are listed as producers

The following is from the film’s poster, listing Boaz Schory as the composer. Boaz Schory is Katriel Schory and Naomi Schory’s son.

The film was produced by Tazfilm. Tazfilm produced three films, in 2012, 2014 and 2020. All three were funded by the Israeli Film Fund.

The film’s poster.


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