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Reported individual: Stephen Patrick Kenny

In the story, a filmmaker named Stephen Patrick Kenny, who runs alleged Hood Up Films in Ireland is being highlighted by someone who wants to make people aware of his alleged actions. According to this person, Kenny allegedly engaged several filmmakers, including themselves, from around the world to create short horror films for a feature-length anthology called ‘Creepy Stories for the Dark’ with the promise of distribution. However, due to reasons including the impact of COVID-19 on the film industry, Kenny is now unwilling to spend money on getting the anthology distributed and has gone back on his word, causing many filmmakers to withdraw their films. The person also claims that Kenny has not returned the hard drives containing the films and BTS videos that were sent to him and that he has taken himself off social media and is not responding to emails. Furthermore, the person alleges that Kenny has also failed to return a hard drive from a previous project, which he claimed was posted back but never arrived. The person believes that Kenny’s actions constitute alleged theft and advises others to be wary of him and Hood Up Films. The most appropriate category for this story would be “Theft,” as it involves allegations of the property being taken and not returned by Stephen Patrick Kenny and Hood Up Films. This information is updated as of September 21, 2022.

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