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A freelance worker had an alleged unfortunate experience with a director named Uday Ananthan. They wanted to share their story as a warning to others in the industry.

Uday Ananthan allegedly approached the freelancer for a project, and the freelancer accepted the offer. They worked diligently on the project, putting in their time and effort to deliver the desired results. However, upon completion of the project, Uday Ananthan became allegedly unpleasant and refused to pay the freelancer for their services.

The freelancer was shocked and disappointed by Uday Ananthan’s behavior. They realized that Uday Ananthan may not be a reliable client and wanted to warn others in the industry to be cautious when dealing with him.

The freelancer decided to share Uday Ananthan’s photo as a way to identify him and caution others. They wanted to ensure that fellow freelancers and professionals are aware of Uday Ananthan’s behavior and take necessary precautions when working with him.
The freelancer’s intention in sharing their story was to help others in the industry stay safe and avoid similar situations. They hoped that by raising awareness about Uday Ananthan’s unprofessional behavior, other freelancers would be cautious and not fall victim to non-payment or mistreatment. The freelancer wanted to ensure that Uday Ananthan’s actions were exposed and that other professionals in the industry could protect themselves from similar experiences.

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