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The victim, who goes by the name of the complainant, had a recent experience with what they consider to be theft after hiring an animator named Anay Bose to allegedly work on their short animated script. The complainant found Anay Bose on Facebook, where he advertised his animation skills and allegedly shared examples of his work, which appeared to be of high quality. They signed an Artist’s Agreement, a contract, with Anay Bose and agreed to three payments of $1320 USD each for the work, paid upfront at the commencement of each phase.

However, red flags began to emerge when Anay Bose allegedly used a different email address on the invoice, and there were issues with using PayPal to transfer the money. Despite these initial concerns, the complainant proceeded with the payment using After the payment was made on November 28th, 2019, Anay Bose’s communication became sporadic, and the complainant had to repeatedly inquire about the progress of the work.

Anay Bose sent some sketches of one of the characters on December 13th, 2019, but allegedly failed to provide further updates as per the agreed-upon schedule in the contract. On January 5th, 2020, Anay Bose’s Facebook account was disabled, and the complainant received an email claiming that his accounts were hacked and he could not access any emails or messages. However, this was the last communication the complainant received from Anay Bose, and he did not respond to further attempts at contact.

The complainant concluded that their relationship with Anay Bose was severed, and they expressed their intention to seek legal options to recover the payment made. They also warned others about working with Anay Bose, citing him as untrustworthy and potentially dishonest in claiming credits for his work.

The complainant’s story serves as a cautionary tale about being cautious in the entertainment industry, verifying the credentials of individuals before hiring them, and taking legal recourse in cases of financial scams.

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