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Reported individuals: Evelyn Olamere Obahor

The history of a production company called Floodlight Broadcasting Network has emerged, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes drama of one of its failed projects. In a bid to recruit a new team for her series, the company’s owner, Evelyn Olamere Obahor, promised to pay for their work, despite the company having been liquidated and declared bankrupt two years prior. After convincing crew members to rent equipment worth over £3000 per day, the shoot was allegedly disorganized, with no catering, unit base, or coffee table. Despite repeated promises to pay the crew, they were allegedly never compensated for their work, and many are still chasing their money through legal channels.

Evelyn has since claimed that her investor pulled out and that she does not have the money to pay her crew. However, she continued to make promises and even allegedly asked actors to return “updated contracts” for the project, despite owing over 20 people money. Her behavior has caused outrage among crew members who had counted on the job for their livelihoods.

This situation serves as a stark reminder that when an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is. Young filmmakers and freelancers must be cautious of those looking to take advantage of their talent and dedication. Despite the hardship faced by those involved, this history is a valuable lesson for anyone starting out in the industry.

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