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The filmmaker , an actor in the entertainment industry, stumbled upon an Instagram account called @YourMovie_official that was running a contest for actors to receive votes and mentions on their posts in order to be cast in a supposed film produced by the company. While not illegal, the filmmaker found it concerning that actors was being pitted against each other based on their social media followings, potentially causing harm to their mental health.

As the entertainment industry was already struggling, the filmmaker was disappointed to see companies like @YourMovie_official taking advantage of actors in this way. They decided to speak up and commented on several of the votes, expressing their concerns about the harmful impact of such contests. However, their comments were hidden and they were subsequently blocked by the account.

Despite this setback, the filmmaker urged others to think twice before getting involved with such contests and to send a message that it is not acceptable to pit actors against each other in this manner, especially during challenging times for the industry. They hoped to raise awareness about the damaging effects of such practices and advocate for the fair and ethical treatment of actors in the entertainment industry.

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