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In 2017, a photographer, let’s call them “Photographer X,” was allegedly hired by Luigi Masi, the owner of DSP Cosmetics LTD, to shoot e-commerce and campaign stills. Photographer X dedicated their time and talent to the project, capturing the desired images for Luigi Masi’s company. However, after the shoot, Luigi Masi allegedly repeatedly tried to evade paying Photographer X, claiming that the shoot never happened and that he didn’t recognize Photographer X. Despite some partial payments made by agencies, Luigi Masi eventually closed his limited company and opened a new one with a similar name, omitting a period. Shockingly, Photographer X discovered that Luigi Masi was now using the same photographs, which were Photographer X’s intellectual property, on his website and social media without proper compensation or credit.

Photographer X is now allegedly left wondering if they have any legal recourse against Luigi Masi and DSP Cosmetics LTD, a company that seems to constantly change its name and address but continues to use their work without authorization.

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